Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Long Weekend Best of Blossom

With a long weekend upon us I thought we would revisit some of our previous posts with loads of ideas for fun learning activities that you can do over holidays and weekends.

We always take care to make sure that our activities, tips and ideas are low cost...we especially love it when they are FREE, so we always point that out for you! But most of all there is always some hidden learning benefit...but best of all it's ALWAYS FUN! We want kids to get educated without even knowing it!

So have a look at some of our older posts and get inspired for a few days of fun with the family.

This one was over the Christmas Holidays, but 99% of the ideas can be applied to any weekend:

If you struggle to get your kids away from the box or the computer, direct them toward these sites to play games, earn points and rewards, but don't tell them it's educational:

If you or your kids are into your art and craft, here are a few great ideas for simple toys and games you can make at home with everyday items that have hidden educational benefits, but they are cuuuuute:

If you're up for a day out over the long weekend, a fun family learning adventure? Try some of these ideas! Art Galleries, museums, libraries, historical buildings, festivals:

We love to hear your feedback, so leave us some comments about what you plan to do with the family this long weekend.

And if you're in the local area don't miss out on the chance to win a Family Pass to the Ballarat Observatory & Museum (the oldest working museum in Australia!).

Happy Learning!

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