Thursday, 30 May 2013

Renovation Rescue

Learning Spaces

You know when you have to concentrate and just need to break away from the crazies for peace? Kids need this too.

Somewhere to switch off and switch on!

Away from the TV, the Xbox, the iPod, facebook, noise and all the other craziness. Find a space just for them, where they be creative, think, learn, grow, experiment, play, and concentrate.

For littlies a creative learning station, a learning through play area, immediate access to things that teach concepts and fun to be around. Art, crafts, musical instruments, learning games.

For older kids it a quiet area to concentrate, away from distractions, surrounded by everything they need at arm's length. Dictionary, calculator, ruler, pens, paper, scissors, stapler....whatever they need.

A few things to consider when creating your own learning space:
  • Child's age/s
  • Child's needs
  • Where? Spare room, under the bunk bed, under the stairs, a cupboard, unused spot...
  • Comfort (temperature, furniture, colour, design)
  • Cost (set a budget and stick to it, be creative and borrow / swap items with friends or family, buy second hand, DIY, repurpose old items and so on)
You can turn something like this...
Room Makeover DIY Renovation Learning Education Reading Corner Space Study Nook

...into something like this
kids room space reading corner study nook

  • An unused space filled with junk
  • No great interior design flair required
  • Total Cost $72
  • Kids wooden Chairs $20 from op shop & coat of paint
  • Poster set $3 at garage sale
  • Puzzle Mat, Play Money & Plastic Food, Picture Frame & Clock new from bargain store $34
  • Baking Tray & Magnet Letters / Numbers $10 at supermarket
  • Games, books, musical instruments from around the house for FREE
  • Shelf FREE from a facebook group
  • Hanging hooks $3 hardware store
  • Old school dominoes $2 from salvos
With a few tweaks you can turn it into a completely different space:
  • Change the mat for different play themes
  • Change the posters to learn different concepts
  • Swap the toys & books for different taste
  • Add a chalk board (scrap of timber from and some chalk paint)

Renovation Rescue Photo Comp

Inspired yet?

Sounds too hard? No Way!

Download the Renovation Rescue Planning Sheet to help you along

Read the "Renovation Rescue" chapter in the book Learning that's Fun

And we put together a whole Pinterest Board for inspiration!

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3. Maximum budget is $100
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  1. Awesome Idea. We have a playroom and I try to allow the kids some good input into their rooms.