Thursday, 21 November 2013

7 things your children need to hear you say

We all know how important learning and education are to developing young minds, sending our little ones off to kindergarten and school, getting them ready for the big wide world. But when we get bogged down in the day to day details, sometimes we forget the simple things in life. One such simple thing, is what we say to people. Or more importantly, what we DON'T say to them. We all love our children, our spouses, our parents, but how often do we actually say it? If tomorrow didn't come, would you regret not saying certain things to them?

As important as a good education is, the words we say to our kids has just as big an impact on their development into adulthood. To get you started, here are 7 essential words and sentences your kids need to hear you say, out loud, face to face, to them.

1. I love you

 Simple words, often thought and felt, but not often said.

2. I am proud of you

Tell them what a great job they've done of their school project, how quickly they solved that problem, how great it is they can tie their own shoes. 

3. I love to watch you play 

This one came from Hands Free Mama. The story is powerful and may bring you to tears. No matter what activity it is, just enjoy your child doing it, don't bother them after the game with ways to improve or how many goals they scored. Just tell them how much you enjoy being there to see them. Be proud that they are willing and able to participate. Reading, sports, choir, whatever.

4. Please and thank you

 Old fashioned manners make life so much more pleasant. Kids learn by example, so dust them off and use them politely.

5. I am sorry

We all make mistakes, so do Mummy and Daddy. It's OK to admit you've made a mistake, so suck it up, apologise and move on. No long explanations or lectures, and no "buts". 

6. Let's have fun

Here's a goodie. Let's go outside and play together. Are you always busy? Too tired to play? Kids bugging you and trying all sorts of destructive ideas to try and get your attention? Try this one. The washing can wait, let's go have fun. Let's paint, let's have a water fight, let's kick the ball, do cart-wheels in park and run around. Don't stand by the car watching the clock tick. Let go, and enjoy the moment. These are the memories the kids will treasure forever.

7. Nothing

Don't say anything at all. Let them chatter. Don't interrupt when they are telling you their stories. Your stories can wait. Just be there to listen, whether it's good, bad or indifferent. Look them in the eye, stop what you are doing for a few minutes and really listen to what they are saying.

Pick a number and let us know which one you are going to focus on this week?

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