Sunday, 1 December 2013

12 Days of Christmas: Day 1: Kimochis

Help Your Child Deal with their Feelings

On the first day of Christmas, Learning that's Fun gave to me, a Kimochi in a Pear Tree. 
When I first heard of "Kimochis" I thought it must have been some type of Japanese Food, but BOY was I wrong. I was right on the Japanese bit, but it's a word for "feeling".  Kimochis are the cutest soft toys with emotions inside! I was lucky enough to meet Bug.

My neices Kyra and Taya weren't quite sure what to do with Bug when they first took him out of his box. But they had a look through the little book he came with, and noticed that his 3 mini friends were called Happy, Brave and Left Out. So they took it in turns to talk about how they feel when they are happy, what they do when they feel left out, or what makes them feel brave. A bit like show and tell, it was a cute conversation between the two of them while I busily helped their little brother try out some other toys. 

Bug, Kyra and Taya

"When I feel left out it makes me sad, but I try to find other kids to play with."

"I feel happy when people play with me."

When I asked them later what they liked about Bug, they said he was awesome because you can talk about how you feel and that makes you happy. 

But Bug is not the only Kimochi. He has a whole range of gorgeous friends with their own accessories and emotions. Cloud is a bit unpredictable, Cat's a bit bossy and Clover is a little forgetful. There's also Lovey Dove, Bella Rose and Huggtopus.

Bug & His Friends

These squeezy lovable guys have won tonnes of awards and are a great way for parents and teachers to help kids discuss their feelings and help build self esteem and resilience by playing. And if you're a teacher or therapist you can get the whole educator kit to help kids open up when learning to cope or deal with things happening around them. 

Full Size Kimochi Characters + 3 Feelings & Book: $49.95
Mini Kimochi Characters + Keychain & Book: $29.95
Kimochi Story Books: $24.95
Mixed Feelings Packs: $19.95

With hundreds of stockists all around Australia, find your nearest store or order online at:

For a truly unique gift that I bet none of the other kids have, hurry! Christmas is coming! 

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Day 1 Giveaway

Thanks to Kimochis, we are giving away your very own BUG character. 
1 x Bug Kimochi Pack to Win

Bug is thoughtful and likes to talk, he can confuse his friends a bit, but he's very careful. Bug lives in a swimming hole and loves to eat wildflower honey. But he's a bit scared of change, as a caterpillar he's afraid of flying. 

Bug comes with 3 feelings, happy, brave and left out as well as a little guide book that tells you all about him, and notes for parents on how to use the characters in conversation.

For your chance to win,tell us which Kimochi Character is your favourite and why. 

Leave your comment here on the Blog or on the Facebook Page. 

The Small Print:

1. Giveaway runs from 1/12/2013 9:00am AEDST to 2/12/13 9:00am

2. Winners will be judged by the blog owner. All decisions are final.

3. Prizes will be sent regular mail via Australia Post or delivered in person (depending on location).

4. Winners will be notified by email or Facebook. 

5. Winners MUST be either a subscriber to the Learning that's Fun email list, or a fan on the Facebook page


  1. I love Bella Rose, she is the type of Character that I see my daughter becoming :)

    1. Such a beautiful thought, thank you Rachel ;)

  2. I love Cloud, cute and fun to be around. Could be my son's next new buddy, even when the weather's not so sunny!

    1. You're a poet and you know it! Thanks Fifi :)

  3. Forgot to mention! Facebook fan of learning can be fun (fiona costantino) :)

  4. Cloud. I like his unpredictable personality. He seems to be the most flawed and 'human' of the bunch.
    I'm a facebook fan: Benjamin Travia

    1. Thanks Benjamin, cloud seems to be pretty popular :)

  5. Thanks for your entries today everyone. The winner today was Margie on Facebook.