Monday, 2 December 2013

12 Days of Christmas: Day 2: Microscope Kit

Riley Inspects his Gross Specimens

On the second day of Christmas, Learning that's Fun gave to me, a Discovery Kids Microscope Kit from Toy Universe
And I have to say, the kids were not the only ones who were excited by this one! My husband literally had them searching under curtains and behind the blinds for dead flies and spiders. If you want your house to be spotlessly clean, get one of these! The kids will find every germ and piece of dust you own. 

Riley being very careful with the slides

It was a delicate operation to begin with, unpacking the box and inspecting all the pieces. But it was surprisingly quite sturdy and withstood a fair treatment from the little man. He absolutely loved this and while the other kids were busy testing out other toys, they were quickly lining up to have a look-see at what he was zooming in on. 

Little Riley is always on the go, he loves his computer games and running around the yard playing sports. But this really hooked his attention. He could have easily spent hours looking for hidden specimens in dusty corners and under pot plants. I think Uncle Mark would have enjoyed that too! 

Inspecting the specimen

The kit came with a set of pre-made slides complete with germs and bugs to inspect under the magnified light, and with the different settings you can zoom in and out to get a really good look. But with the blank slides, you can easily find your own tiny bugs and things to magnify. We tried out some yeast, a dead ant, some dust and a bit of mould we found in the bottom of an empty juice bottle in the bin. 

What better excuse do you need to go fishing through your rubbish or under the furniture with a torch? 

Riley's response to the Microscope Kit was 

"It's awesome, you can see germs and gross things right up close, and you can keep them in the bottles." 

And as if that wasn't enough, the tiny box of blank labels that you can write on to mark your specimens was apparently the most exciting part of the kit! Kids are funny like that aren't they? 

Discovery Kids Microscope Kit
Discovery Kids Microscope Kit

The full kit comes equipped with:

Microscope with 3 Magnifying settings (25x, 50x & 100x) & an electric illuminator
Pre-made Slides
Blank Slides
Specimen Vials
Liquid Dropper
Magnifying Glass
Spare Light Bulb

The RRP is $39.95, but from Toy Universe it's available for $30.80

What a great price for such a fabulous gift! 

When you visit Toy Universe you'll also see the whole Discovery Kids Range including Astronomical Telescope, Bug Collecting Kit, Binoculars and Planetarium. 

Riley happened to spy our own Telescope while he was over testing out the Christmas toys, so if you're looking for another hit for the kids this year, go for the Telescope! There is nothing quite as amazing and heading out with the family on a crisp clear night looking at the stars and moon! 
Discovery Kids Telescope
Discovery Kids Astronomical Telescope

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Microscope Kit Giveaway

Thanks to Toy Universe this Discovery Kids 100x Microscope Kit could be yours! 

For your chance to win this great kit, tell us the most disgusting specimen you would zoom in on?

Leave your comments here on the website or on the Facebook page. 

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  1. We would like to zoom in on a bit of a chewed up dog bone from our backyard.
    The Freemans

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  3. What a lovely prize a whole world of discovery awaits some lucky person. fingers crossed

  4. Thanks everyone for entering today's giveaway. The winner for today is Talina on Facebook.